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Failure Analysis

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Our projects

Our projects

Often a defect in the design is detected for the first time when a part is broken in the process of operation. This can be related to the fact that during design the loads were unknown. In such case, the use of analysis is required so as to determine the loads that caused the break. A key aspect in this case is the nature of the damage (breaking or deformation). Studying the nature and degree of the damage, we can � in most cases � determine the loads that caused the failure.

When loads are known, we can make the part stronger by changing its geometry, material or way of fixing.

Our methods allow a rapid and precise identification of the cause of the failure and suggesting methods for its elimination. No money or time is spent for expensive samples and testing, but, instead, you can improve your product and reach optimum reliability.

To analyze the defects, we are using our innovative technologies based on the scenario approach. Possessing minimum input data, we can, within a brief period of time, simulate the technological process used to manufacture your product in various combinations of environmental conditions and can give recommendations on how to modify technologies to eliminate defects.

To give us opportunity to start analysis, you should describe the problem, give us information about your product, drawings, and a three-dimensional model and characterize conditions in which the product operates. The fuller the initial data, the faster and more precise the analysis results will be.

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