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This product design stage usually follows the conceptual design; however, if you have already chosen the concept of your future product, we can help you to make a detail design.
Detail design is a whole range of work operations using CAD/CAE.

Detail design includes defining a detailed structure of the product, making detailed solid 3D models, selecting materials, the required design analysis and verifying assembly of complicated units and the entire item.

When 3D models of a mechanism´┐Żs parts are created, for example geared or meshed connections, we make use of specialized integrated packages that make it possible to quickly form the detailed internal moving contour (IMC).

When 3D models of body parts are made, preliminary internal and external contours should be built using IMC. Then these two contours are used for making detail design of solid 3D models of the body parts of any complexity.

This method allows obtaining a structure with the least possible material consumption and reducing significantly the design period.

When we use detail design, we make strength analysis of models of body parts through calculations. In this case the loads are determined by analyzing load conditions for the designed product taking into consideration different conditions of its operational use. Thereby we define weak points in the structure, and, if needed, such points can be made stronger. This allows us to exclude design errors and obtain a full-strength and durable design.

The result of detail design is a detailed three-dimensional model of the product and a report on the detail analysis.

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