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Design of tools

Design of tools

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Our projects

Foundry tools, design and manufacture (Slide show) More detailed ...

The technology of design:

We can use your 3D models or drawing for our work. We use Unigraphics and Solid Edge for design.

We generate NC-programs in Unigraphics for accurate manufacture. Our experience allows us to carry out successfully complex projects.

We can do analysis of foundry technology, optimize it, do it cheaper. Analysis help you to understand the process, to find out the reason of occurrence of a spoilage of casting.

Our experience and knowledge of local manufacture allows us to place effectively orders for manufacturing of foundry toolings and do accommodation of casting.

We propose 4 schemes according with different customer�s needs:

Scheme 1. Production of tools (patterns, for example).

Scheme 2. Production of castings.

Scheme 3. Production of foundry tools (for complete foundry technology).

Scheme 4. Production of castings.

More detailed...

How to order

To order the work, you should fill the form that you can download here, and send it to the indicated address.

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