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Detail design of the rear driving axle of a forestry machine


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Consumer problem

Our client was one of the world leading agricultural and forestry machinery manufacturer, who invited us to take part in Detail Design of dual rear axle for timber trailer. The product concept was pre-approved; it was required to make a final design of the unit and the needed verification calculations.

Problem-solving technique

We received through Internet from the client the conceptual diagram of the future product, tentative designs of the parts and assemblies and a general description of requirements to the product and operational conditions.

All procedures were performed under CAD/CAE/PDM, actively using our scenario approach to analyze the mechanism behavior in multiple load conditions.

3D models were built from paper outline designs using Unigraphics and Solid Edge Software by EDS Company.

During the process of the model construction and assembly, we finalized and made geometrical analysis of the parts. A number of parts, for instance pipelines, were designed directly in a three-dimensional assembly environment.

The complete set of virtual tests was performed on the 3D model of the product. As a result, we identified errors in the assembly and enhanced the balancer body by means of plates.

Using intelligent design module MechSoft, gear section of the clutch was re-constructed automatically from given analytic data, including geometry and strength calculation for gear trains and shafts.


Our methods allowed reducing significantly the entire design cycle of the rear axle and avoid re-makes of the structure. The developed documents were used to manufacture the first batch of rear axles. Without the design testing stage, the products were supplied to the clients for test use in real operation conditions.

Timber trailers equipped with this dual rear axles successfully worked in taiga environment for 2 years without failures.


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