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Failure analysis and modernization of a complicated shaft-type gearbox

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Consumer problem

The client wanted to modernize the 100-HP tractor's gearbox from mechanical to hydraulic design without changes in case-shaped parts and to test its possible use with 120-150 HP engines.

Problem-solving technique

The 3D model of mechanical clutch was reconstructed from a 2D environment.

Using the re-constructed 3D model, a model of hydraulically assisted clutch was developed, without changing case construction and size.

All procedures were performed under CAD/CAE/PDM environment by EDS Company. 3D modeling was carried out with Solid Edge Software by EDS Company.

Using intelligent design module MechSoft, gear section of the clutch was re-constructed automatically from given analytic data, including geometry and strength calculation for gear trains and shafts.

Scenarios for kinematical analysis and dynamic loading of the gear section were developed using special CAE modules. As a result, distribution of moments and reactions at mount points of the case was obtained.

Virtual testing of the clutch assembly was carried out.


This development produced the highest possible transmitted power (153 HP), and identified the weakest points of the construction.

Recommendations were given on how to strengthen the structure in its most critical points.

Payback period of the project was 1.23 years. Our company´┐Żs involvement in the project allowed the client to halve the number of pilot samples and minimize full-scale testing.


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